A Philosophical Critique of Nationalism

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    The title is an article by Zeenath Kausar about the unity of the Islamic Ummah, opposing nationalism, published in Journal “American Journal of Islam and Society, Apr 2003.[1]


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    In this paper, the author explores Iqbal’s views on nationalism, not only in the context of the Indian subcontinent but also in general terms. He contends that the Islamic concept of tawhid mainly inspires Iqbal’s political philosophy. Iqbal’s profound reflections on the unity of life, the unity of the Islamic ummah, and the unity of humanity based upon the concept of tawhid strike the root of secularism and nationalism. His philosophy of “self” (khudi) and his conception of the Islamic social order also are discussed briefly in order to elucidate some of his views on humanity and the Islamic mission, which stand in complete contradiction to nationalism.


    Philosophy. Psychology. Religion: Islam, Theosophy.