«Umm ul-Qura» the Global Base of «Ummat-e Wasat»

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The title is a research paper by Abolfazle Khoshmanesh[1] published in “Pajuhesh-Ha-Ye Quran Va Hadis”,[2] spring-summer 2014, Volume 47, Number 1; Page(s) 53 To 72. The following is an excerpt of its abstract. [3]

Religious centrality and the education

Designation of a religious centrality and the education of a straight Ummah is the aim of almost even all of the religions. This can be witnessed more clearly in Islam.

Umm ul-Qura

Allah, the source of truth and justice, has designed a centrality to be Umm ul-Qura or base of the communities. It is a notion that cannot be found completely in the notion of the term, metropolis. Allah commanded his servant Abraham, the hanif and the Muslim to invite the humanity to the straight path and to build His house in Umm ul-Qura and to scarify for it, near which the seal and the last of the prophet appeared and educated the Ummat-e Wasat. This old house, being in the middle of other cities, has particular features like priority, secured, exoteric, and also hidden purity. This religious centrality should be the scene of the appaearnce of the Salvager, Imam Mahdi too.

Ummat-e Wasat and responsibilities

Thus, this Ummat-e Wasat has heavy tasks and important responsibilities upon the mankind: to observe and witness the other community works and become a model for them in developing the global peace.

Modern man and values

These tasks are more important nowadays we talk about the contemporary difficulties of modern man and when we search for a safe model for human and global civilization based on the sublime values.


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