The Qur’ānic Vision: Unity or Uniformity?

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    The title is an article[1] about the vision of Islamic unity, written by Takim, Liyakat and published by Brill 2014, in journal “Al-Bayān” , Volume: 10, Issue: 1, Pages: 17-24, 2012. The following is a concise description of the article.[2]


    Given the fact that, in recent times, there has been much discussion on violence in Islam, a discourse on the issue of peace within the Islamic tradition is to be welcomed.

    Importance of the subject

    It is imperative to voice an opinion on an issue that is of major concern to millions of people, especially for a religion that has often been targeted as violent and extremist.


    In this paper, The author will attempt to delineate the Qur’ānic position on peaceful coexistence with the “other.” He will also examine the classical juridical and exegetical pronouncements on peace and war in Islam. In the final section, he will assess the possibility of an Islamic theology of peace in modern times.