Islam and the Integration of Society

The title is a book by W. Montgomery Watt, Published by Routledge, November 3, 2010, in which the author expresses his idea about the unity of the Islamic world.[1]

Book Description

The book is one of the most important to explore the formation of Islamic thought and civilisation. William Montgomery Watt made an outstanding contribution to Islamic scholarship.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Problems and Presuppositions;

Chapter 2 The Place of Economic and Social Factors;

Chapter 3 The Role of Ideation;

Chapter 4 The Will to Unity and Disunity;

Chapter 5 The Integration of Political Life;

Chapter 6 The Integration of the Mores;

Chapter 7 The Integration of Intellectual Life;

Chapter 8 The Integration of the Psyche;


“Unity of the Islamic world” in the book

The political unity of the Islamic world continued to be a distant ideal, but there were even a few theoretical writers who considered that this ideal unity was not impaired by the existence of two imams at widely separated centres.